Elizabeth of Queens

queens apartmentScene for mezzo soprano solo
composed for the Composer/Librettist Studio at New Dramatists, NYC

Libretto by Chiori Miyagawa

circa 4″ in duration

after a day in the busy city, Elizabeth retires to the solace of her apartment in Queens

Elizabeth, returns home from work to her modest apartment for an evening of quietude and solace. It is difficult for her to shake the busy frenzy of the city. She prepares her dinner in the microwave and settles in for an evening of creative writing. The muse is not with her, other anxieties set in. She opts for a movie, and drifts off to sleep longing for someone with whom to share her lonely days.

Singing roles
Elizabeth:  mezzo soprano

Score details
voice and piano

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Notes from the composer about the Composer/Librettist Studio at New Dramatists

The New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio, presented in cooperation with Nautilus Music Theater, is designed to provide an opportunity for five writers and five composers to work with professional performers, exploring the possibilities and basic elements of music-theater. The studio focuses on the process of collaboration through a series of brief exploratory assignments for the writers and composers. The exercises
are then sight-read by the performers in brief working sessions. The participants rotate partners, and the process is repeated four more times.

Within the two-week period, all composers work with all writers and all performers. Toward the end of the studio, an informal reading of all the compositions is held. The studio is co-directed by dramaturge Ben Krywosz (Artistic Director of Nautilus Music-Theater) and composer/music director Roger Ames.

The studio is not intended as a developmental session for existing pieces, but concentrates more on the collaborative process, nurturing relationships and suggesting ways that writers, composers, and performers can work together. The collaborative atmosphere of the studio is relatively free from the performance pressures usually associated with the commercial musical theater or opera field.

New Dramatists has sponsored the studio annually since 1984. Over the years, Krywosz has conducted other studios around the country in such cities as Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, and Miami. All the studios have nurtured collaborative teams that have gone on to develop and produce new work.