Piano Works

Frederick Frahm’s composition catalog features several works for piano solo. ‘frammenti di un lamento‘ and Five Rivers: scenes from a ballet are representative solo works and Frescoes on a Clay Wall is a collection intended as teaching pieces. Each of these three works are distributed exclusively by Firehead Editions of London. Click on a title to be directed to the retailer for more information.

Five Rivers: scenes from a ballet

A suite of dances named after the Five Rivers of the Underworld in Greek Mythology. The set include three sarabandes, a courante, and a gigue. This music is also available in a chamber version for piano and string orchestra.

frammenti di un lamento

An extended work for piano that moves through a variety of introspections and anxieties. The work concludes with a statement of a 17th century German chorale tune often associated with a text by Paul Gerhardt: ‘Wie soll ich dich empfangen‘. Stanza five, as translated by Catherine Winkworth, offers a glimpse of the emotional statement of the work as a whole:

You come, O Lord, with gladness,
in mercy and goodwill,
to bring an end to sadness
and bid our fears be still.
In patient expectation
we live for that great day
when a renewed creation
your glory shall display.

Frescoes on a Clay Wall

This set of 11 little pieces was inspired by images and concepts from the American Southwest. For teachers, the works offer many opportunities to explore piano technique. Students will enjoy the variety of styles and characters throughout the collection.

The works are evocatively titled:

Rain-drops and Sweet Sage
A Gecko on an Adobe Wall
Smoke Rising from a Kiva
Floating Clouds and Warming Sunshine
Mesas and Arroyos
Ants and Chamisas
Distant Thunder and Lightning
Cholla Cactus Blooms
Two Singers in a Canyon
Bricks without Mortar
Desert Meadow