Frederick Frahm: Triptychs


This collection includes music conceived as multi-movement works in three parts. This music is often inspired by existing works of art to include poetry and paintings. Limited first edition, signed and numbered 2-25.

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Foreword by Carson Cooman
Performance Notes

Cabeza de Vaca (2014)
Cabeza de Vaca at the Shore
Cabeza de Vaca Hears a Distant Music
Cabeza de Vaca Ponders his Life as a Soldier

Sonata d’Eglise (2010)
les retours de fidéles
mélodie mélancolique
sortie Joyeuse

Symmetries (2020)

Blake Pastorals (2017)
A rolling stone is ever bare of moss
Sabrina’s silvery flood
Resting by a stream at night

Sketches after Odilon Redon (2016)
Sad Ascent
Strange Flower

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