Vigils: 3 Chamber Operas


By Frederick Frahm. Piano/Vocal score in PDF. SATB soli and keyboard accompaniment. Circa 55″ in duration, 84 pages.



This music is about vigils in the night where mortals encounter an arc which has bent to the earth. Fear enters in, as does greed and sometimes shame, when life is utterly changed as death appears.

In the first story, one with apparent wisdom still struggles with bearing terrible and sad news;

the second, an intended death makes way for acquisition and power;

the third, death at long last resolves a life lived through a gradual loss of privilege.

The characters attempt to cope with fear and loss through wisdom, folly, bravery, cowardice, strength, weakness, and even humor. If there is joy to be found in these satires, the recognition of our common humanity offers us strength and assurance. We do not always do this well, truly, but our willingness to try is essential.

As the Grandfather in Interior says at the end of the story:
“We cannot see the course that sorrow will take. Kiss me, before I go…”

He teaches his beloved granddaughters to work through the fear of death and its requisite sorrows, while remembering that there are always those who love us close by.

This set of three chamber operas may be performed individually, or as a triptych in any order. Video media could be an option for the marionettes in Interior and the Spectre in Fernando. Orchestrations for each of the accompaniments exist, typically for piano and strings, however options are available for an expanded instrumentation.

Please inquire for sample pages.

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