Print editions of music by Frederick Frahm are listed by genre. Works which are known to be out of print are so indicated as OP. Click on a publisher link below to be taken to a retailer for more information, including sample pages and recordings where available. If you do not find sample pages posted by one of our retailers, email us for sample scores.

Keyboard Works

A Day in the Meadow   Wayne Leupold Editions, NC
As of Fire   Zimbel Press, NY
Before the End of Light   Firehead Editions, London

Cabeza de Vaca Trilogy   Firehead Editions, London
Cabeza de Vaca at the Shore
Cabeza de Vaca Hears a Distant Music
Cabeza de Vaca Ponders His Life as a Soldier
Catechism   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Chaplinesque   Firehead Editions, London
Faith Alive: Organ Improvisations for Worship   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
Ist Gott für mich
Laudes Domini
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier
Schmücke dich
Von Gott will ich nicht lassen
Faith Alive II: Organ Improvisations for Worship   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
Christe, du Lamm Gottes
Dove of Peace
Fred til bod
Here I Am, Lord
Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland
See Amid the Winter’s Snow
Song 13
Sussex Carol
Fantasy for Organ   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Fiestas de Santa Fe   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Tierra Roja
Farolitos en la Nieve
La Posadas
Firehead   Firehead Editions, London
Good Friday, 1519   Firehead Editions, London
Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn   Firehead Editions, London
Jesus Meine Zuversicht   Firehead Editions, London
La Morte Meditata   Firehead Editions, London
Llangloffan   Firehead Editions, London
Malinche in the Forest   Firehead Editions, London 
Morning Star   Firehead Editions, London
Musica Badia   Firehead Editions, London
Noël Nouvelet   Firehead Editions, London
Nooksack River Psalms   Musik Fabrik, Paris
• “All my fresh springs are in you
• “Why are you so full of heaviness, O my soul?
• “I consider the works of your hands
Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland   Firehead Editions, London
Old Stone Church   Firehead Editions, London
Salmo 150 per Organo   Firehead Editions, London
Seelenbräutigam   Firehead Editions, London
Sonata d’Église   Firehead Editions, London
Mélodie Mélancolique
Sortie Joyeuse
The Kingdom of Anxiety   Firehead Editions, London
Three American Scenes   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Bold City
Tranquil Prairie
Fort Union Reveille
Three Chapels   Zimbel Press, NY
Three New Mexico Sketches   Firehead Editions, London
At Dawn on the Rio Grande
At Noon in Chaco Canyon
At Dusk on the Plains of St. Agustin
Three Pieces (after Odilon Redon)   Firehead Editions, London
Sad Ascent
Strange Flower
Three Voluntaries   Zimbel Press, NY
Tse Bi dahi [Ship Rock]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Two Pieces   Zimbel Press, NY
Pray without ceasing
Vom Himmel Hoch, da komm’ ich her   Firehead Editions, London
Winter-Moon   Firehead Editions, London


Augsburg Organ Library: Baptism & Communion  Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Christe, du Lamm Gottes
Augsburg Organ Library: Epiphany   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier
Gallery Music, vol. 1 [music for organ & handbells]   Zimbel Press, NY
Celestial Fire
At the Cry of the First Bird
Intros & Alt. accompaniments for the ELW   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Volume 1
Kingsfold 251
St. Helena 258
Lucent 261
Antioch 267
Gloria 289
Greensleeves 296
The First Nowell 300
Volume 2
Salzburg 310
Jesu kreuz, leiden und pein 345
Herzlich tut mich verlangen 352
Fortunatus new 356
Volume 3
Christ Lag in Todesbanden 370
Morgenlied 382
Heiliger Geist 405
King’s Weston 416
Kuortane 419
Lasst uns erfreuen 424
Volume 4
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier 443
St. Patrick’s Breastplate 450
Living God 477
Volume 5
Atkinson 507
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier 520
Heilige Dreifaltigkeit 571
Volume 6
Repton 580
LaCrosse 593
Southwell 599
Fredericktown 615
I Himmelen, I Himmelen 630
Volume 7
Blaenwern 647
Beverly 662
Gott sei dank 663
Ar Hyd Y Nos 679
Castlewood 687
Called to Follow 704
Volume 8
Ellacombe 722
Tenderness 739
Dona nobis pacem 753
Piano Plus [Hymns for Piano & Treble Instrument]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland
Sussex Carol
Wie soll ich dich empfangen
Pull Out the Stops, vol. 2   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
King’s Weston
Zimbelstern,vol. I   Zimbel Press, NY
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme

Historical Editions

24 Chorale Preludes, op. 123 by F. W. Markull (1816-1887) Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
For more information about this collection, see our dedicated page.

Choral Music

italian choir

A General Communion [SATB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Art Thou Weary? [SAB & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Blest Be the Tie that Binds [SAB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Bosque Songs, Book 1 [3 part mixed voices & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Songs for Dreams
October Chorus
Bosque Songs, Book 2 [trebles, violin & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Bosque Songs, Book 3 [SATB, string trio & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
I asked no other thing
I reason that Earth is short
Time does go on
Canticle of Heaven
[soprano solo, SATB & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
Christ is the Bread of Life [SAB & organ]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Christ, Our Passover [SAB, unaccompanied]   Concordia Publishing House, MO [OP]
Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs [SAB, bells & organ]   Concordia Publishing House, MO
Come, Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace [Unison (opt. 2 part) & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus [SATB & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Creator Spirit, Come [SATB & organ]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
Crux Fidelis [SAB, unaccompanied]   Concordia Publishing House, MO [OP]
Deus Converte Nos [SATB, viola solo & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
Down he came from up [SATB, flute & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Easter Carol [2 part chorus & piano]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Epiphany Processional [unison chorus & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
Four Introits for Advent [SATB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Savior of the Nations, Come
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
Come, O Precious Ransom, Come
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
God is a Gallant Foe [SATB & wind quintet]   Firehead Editions, London
Hosanna Blessing Triumph Honor [SATB, unaccompanied]   Firehead Editions, London
How Can I Keep From Singing
 [SATB, string quartet & organ]   Live Oak House, TX
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds [SAB & organ]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
Iesu et Maria [SATB & violin]   Firehead Editions, London
In the Beginning-Breath [SATB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear [SATB, string trio & organ]   Live Oak House, TX [OP]
Kyrie eleison [two-part chorus, unaccompanied]   Concordia Publishing House, MO [OP]
Lord Christ, When First You Came to Earth [SATB & organ]   Concordia Publishing House, MO
Many Waters [SATB, unaccompanied]   Firehead Editions, London
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need [SAB & piano]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
My Song is Love Unknown [baritone solo, SATB & organ]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Never Weather-Beaten Saile [SATB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Now Christ is Risen From the Dead [two-part chorus & piano]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
O Christ the Same [SATB, clarinet, bassoon & piano]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
O Love Divine [unison & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
O Love, I Give Myself To Thee [SATB & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
O Magnum Mysterium [trebles & organ]   Firehead Editions, London 
Peace is My Last Gift to You [SATB, handbells & organ]   Concordia Publishing House, MO
Psalm 14 (Fools) [SAB & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
Psalm 150 [SATB, trumpet & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
Safe in the Shadow of the Lord [2 part chorus & organ]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN [OP]
Song to the Redeemer [SATB & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
St. Luke Service [treble voices & piano]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Star Song [SATB  & organ]   Firehead Editions, London 
Te Deum (To See God) [T solo & SSATBB, unaccompanied]   Firehead Editions, London
The Road to Damascus [SATB & piano]   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
This Joyful Eastertide [SATB, wind quintet & organ]   Live Oak House, TX [OP]
Treasure [SAB & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Treasure in Heaven [SAB & piano]   Concordia Publishing House, MO [OP]
Two Turtle Songs [SATB & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Tortoise and the Hare
Tortoise and the Eagle
Soldier’s Chorus from ‘Isaiah Robb’ [TTB]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Unto Us a Son is Given [SATB, unaccompanied]   Firehead Editions, London
Vision of Isaiah [SAB & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Water River Spirit Grace [SATB, unaccompanied]   Zimbel Press, NY
Who Is Wise Among You? [SATB, unaccompanied]   Firehead Editions, London
Wonder, Wisdom, Might, and Faith 
[solo soprano, optional treble chorus & organ]   Firehead Editions, London   

Handbell Music


Abó Chapel [14 bells & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Children of the Resurrection [14 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Christmas Carol Fantasy [9 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Es ist ein Ros
Ember Days [8 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Fantasy on ‘Kyrie Orbis Factor’
 [3 octaves]   CanticaNova, WV
I am the Way [13 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
In the Bleak Mid-Winter [3 octaves]   CanticaNova, WV
Little Toccata [8 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Oration for Bells [23 bells for six ringers]   Firehead Editions, London  
Psalm 150 for Bells   Firehead Editions, London
Sarabande   Firehead Editions, London
Sinfonia on ‘Lo, How a Rose’ [3 octaves]   CanticaNova, WV
Six Preludes, Book 1 [8 bells & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Advent:  “Your People Long to Greet You, Lord”
Christmas:  “Good News of Great Joy”
Epiphany:  ‘The Baptism of Christ”
Six Preludes, Book 2 [8 bells & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Lent:  “At the Desert’s Edge”
Easter:  “This is the Day the Lord Has Made”
Pentecost:  “The Spirit Intercedes For Us”
Simply in D Minor [22 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Simply in F Major [18 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Temple Bells [8 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
There is a River
 [22 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Two Copper Coins [10 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Uriel the Archangel [oboe & 8 bells]   Firehead Editions, London
Veni Emmanuel [15 bells]   Firehead Editions, London

Chamber Music

chamber 4tet

Adoro te devote [flute & organ, or other solo instruments]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Archangels [trumpet & organ]   Zimbel Press, NY
St. Michael
St. Gabriel
St. Raphael
Augustine and the Seashell
[string trio (vln, vla, cel) & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Concerto for Organ [organ & strings]   Zimbel Press, NY
EpiphanySet based on “Wie Schön Leuchtet” [string quartet]   Live Oak House, TX
Grendel’s Soliloquy [violin & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Ghost Canyon Quartet
[string quartet]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Indian Earth [wind trio (or string trio) & organ]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Let Our Gladness Have No End [string quartet]   Live Oak House, TX
Magnificat anima mea [soprano solo, violin, cello & piano]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Offertorio: Ubi Caritas [string trio]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Pater Noster [baritone & string quartet]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Prelude in G Major Mendelssohn, arr. FF [saxophone quartet]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Quaraí Chapel [strings & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Reverie [horn in F & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Septem Verba [violin & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
• Desero
• Sitio
• Perfectio
• Commendo

Spaces of Night
[mezzo-soprano solo, organ & strings]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Symphony no. 1 [orchestra]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Super flumina Babylonis [oboe, violin, viola & cello]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
The Tree and the Leaf [string trio]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Tudeley Windows [clarinet & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Variations on ‘Amazing Grace’ [wind quintet]   Live Oak House, TX
Variations on ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ [string quartet]   Live Oak House, TX
Variations on ‘Now, The Day Is Over’ [wind quartet]   Live Oak House, TX
Variations on ‘Father, We Thank You’ [wind quintet]   Live Oak House, TX

Vocal Music


Opera & Cantata

From East to West [S & T soli, SATB, & chamber orchestra]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
Interior [SAB soli, strings & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
Isaiah Robb [STB soli, SATB/TTB, strings & piano]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
John the Baptist [SATB soli, SATB & organ]   Firehead Editions, London

Solo Song

A Christmas Carol [voice & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Agnus Dei [soprano & organ or chamber ensemble]   Firehead Editions, London
Apathy and Enthusiasm [baritone solo & piano]   Musik Fabrik, Paris
In Paradisum [voice & organ]   Firehead Editions, London
Pastorale [voice & piano]   Firehead Editions, London
The Future Life [mezzo soprano solo & piano]   Musik Fabrik, Paris

Liturgical Music

As the Dark Awaits the Dawn [congregation & bells]   Church Publishing Inc., New York
Evangelical Lutheran Worship   Augsburg Fortress Press, MN
Hymnal Settings & Alternate Accompaniments
Sojourner (I Want Jesus to Walk With Me, # 325)
King’s Lynn (When Jesus Came to Jordan & By All Your Saints Still Striving, # 305 & 420)