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1. Use of Digital Sheet Music

When purchasing digital sheet music at FrederickFrahm.com you are purchasing the right to print up to and including the total number of copies allowed by your license, via a link that will expire seven days after your purchase. You DO NOT have the right to: – print further copies beyond the number allowed by your license; – download the sheet music for storage on your own or other computer; – redistribute the sheet music in any form or file format for commercial or any other purposes; or – alter, edit or tamper with the sheet music file or print-out, other than alterations authorized by FrederickFrahm.com. – alter the detail of the composition in any way without the express written permission of the composer. Furthermore, purchase does not grant you license to perform the work in public (except during the course of divine worship where local law allows) or to record or broadcast the work in any form. Public concert performances should be reported to the appropriate local performance-licensing agency (e.g. BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, PRS). Permission to broadcast or record the work should be sought from the composer. Finally, any text (where not in the public domain) set remains the copyright of the author and may not be reproduced, broadcast or disseminated in any way without the express written permission of the author.

2. Third Party Software & Equipment

You acknowledge that certain features of the FrederickFrahm.com service may require the use of separate third party software (for example, Adobe Reader), which you must download on to your computer from the site of the licensor of such third party software. Such third party software is governed by the license agreement provided by the licensor of such third party software and not by these terms and conditions. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your computer, printer, and related equipment are in good working condition and have the necessary connectivity to access the Site and Services. FrederickFrahm.com will not be liable to you for any inability to print any Item resulting from or relating to your computer, printer, or related equipment, or connectivity issues.

3. Prices

Price information displayed on the FrederickFrahm.com website is subject to change without prior notice.

4. Returns

The sheet music materials offered and digitally delivered by FrederickFrahm.com are deemed to be services for the purposes of the Consumer Protection. Because of the nature of the Services (and any goods) offered on FrederickFrahm.com, you agree not to exercise any right of return or cancellation concerning: – The supply of Services which execution has already started (i.e Download has commenced). – The supply of goods which cannot be returned because of their nature.

5. Refunds

If you have trouble with your purchased products, please contact us and we will either help you resolve your problem, cancel your order or refund your payment if we are unable to resolve the problem. FrederickFrahm.com shall then have no further liability to you.

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