Fantasies for Organ

My ten Fantasies for Organ form a significant part of my catalog. A product of exploration and improvisation, these are abstract works about architectural design, symmetry, and contradiction.

Performers: take note of fermati over rests to allow the room acoustic to have the music for a moment. Also, analyze the score for repeated passages and play them on the same registration. In this way the architecture is delineated for the listener and the re-appearance of a sound event reasserts a contextual awareness.

Sample pages from the fantasies are below, along with links where you can order a complete copy for performance and study.

Carson Cooman, Composer in Residence to the Memorial Church at Harvard University, has prepared a foreword to this edition.

First Fantasy

Second Fantasy

Third Fantasy

Fourth Fantasy

Fifth Fantasy

Sixth Fantasy

Seventh Fantasy

Eighth Fantasy

Ninth Fantasy

Tenth Fantasy

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