My online Sheet Music Library includes music for organ including solo works and chorale preludes, a collection of piano pieces, and music for handbell ensembles.

Some have said the following about my music:

A musical architecture where contradictory musical shapes are in dialog dialog and repeated subject matter gains new perspective on each appearance…

A conversation of sorts between disparities and symmetries…”

A form of musical cubism, perhaps…”

organ works: chorales

The music of the church, chorales and hymns, were everywhere when I was growing up as a Lutheran kid, and they still form me in my thinking about music as a composer.

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organ works: collected works

22 works composed in 2021. This collection includes my 6 Abstracts, the Floral and Theatre pieces, and a group of concert works.

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organ works: fantasies

The ten fantasies for organ, composed between 2005 to 2020, form a significant part of my catalog. These are abstract works about architectural design, symmetry, and contradiction.

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organ works: solos

This is my concert music, although you can play much of it in church. These pieces often find their origins in literature, painting and architecture.

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organ works: triptychs

Three movement works, but not really organ sonatas as they not so rigidly structured. Their assembled collective opens a conversation about their synchronicity, or their contradictions.

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piano music: a selection

Posted here is a collection of piano pieces which span the breadth of my career as a composer. From the first breakout piece, Dominus Super Aquas (1992), to the massive ‘frammenti di un lamento’ (2018), my ‘first’ instrument is well represented.

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handbell music: for smaller ensembles

As a parish musician, I wrote a great deal of handbell music. I rarely had large ensembles, and so all of this music reflects that level of austerity. Many of these pieces are intended to be played by just four ringers, and a simple music stand will suffice for each player.

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