It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a selection of pieces from my portfolio for organ solo which includes choral preludes, the complex fantasies, a variety of solo works, and the triptychs. My compositional approach has been described in this way:

A musical architecture where musical shapes are juxtaposed to effect shifting perspectives and dialog between repeated subject matter…”

A conversation of sorts between disparities and symmetries…”

A form of musical cubism, perhaps…”

chorale preludes

My catalog of music based on chorale tunes is clearly influenced by my Lutheran upbringing. I sang the chorales and hymns when I was growing up, and they have long since formed me in my thinking about music for the church.

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fantasies for organ

The ten fantasies for organ were composed between 2005 to 2020 and form a significant part of my catalog. These are abstract works about architectural design, symmetry, and contradiction.

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solo works

My catalog includes numerous individual works for organ solo. Many are intended for concert settings, and a good portion have non-liturgical themes. This music often finds its origins in literature, painting and architecture.

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These three movement works could be called organ sonatas, but they not so rigidly structured. Their assembled collective opens a conversation about their synchronicity, or their contradictions.

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